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Panda antivirus is specialized in creating IT security solution. We provide services regarding this antivirus. Issues in this antivirus are being discussed like not finding the activation code, spa, filtration, etc.

Panda antivirus is lightweight antivirus that takes care of our system without using lots of resources. These security products include security solutions for both businesses and home users. Protection tools are provided for systems, emails, networks, etc. It provides advanced technology that is a set of capabilities which are used for blocking unknown viruses.\

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Features of Panda are:-

  • Protection against the unknown threat- the Now system will be protected from the malware at all times.
  • Safe Browsing- This feature guarantees the security of the system while using the Internet.
  • Protection against spyware- This feature protects our privacy by spyware being installed on our system.
  • Firewall- It removes the network viruses and prevents us from being attacked by hackers.
  • USB Vaccine- Through this, the virus can be prevented which destroy the auto play feature of the system.



Issues in Panda Antivirus are:-

  • Issues after installing it- Firstly, you should clean the installation and then reinstall it properly.
  • Error message during installation- You should try other products of Panda anti-virus like Gold protection, Antivirus Pro, Global protection, etc. This problem can be resolved through this method.
  • Troubleshooting Issue- We have to create and validate our Panda Account. Then if there will be a problem in sign-in then we should click on forgot the password and then try to sign-in again.

Panda cloud antivirus is antivirus software developed by Panda Security. It has free as well as paid version. It is cloud based, in that files are scanned on a remote server.

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Advantages of Panda Antivirus Customer Support are:-

  • Web protection
  • Low memory usage
  • Collective intelligence
  • Good program configuration.
  • Improve handling of hardware resources.
  • Good Detection rate.
  • Checks for missing Windows patches.
  • Can install/ scan in safe mode.
  • USB vaccine.
  • Auto scan Flash is very fast.
  • SmadAV is very easy to use.


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Disadvantages of Panda Antivirus are:-

  • Some removal issues.
  • Slow Scan.
  • Heavy on the system for a cloud program.
  • Dependent on Internet Connection.
  • Weak Firewall.
  • Sometimes does not thoroughly clean malware.
  • Scan the registry will be disabled for the “SMA DAV” in the password.

If now also, you are facing a problem, you can contact us through email also or call us on.

USA- 18442557356

UK- 08081692282

Canada- 18442515807

Post by pandasupport (2017-07-18 08:15)

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